About Picali

Jewelry as Art-

"Jewelry is a way of individualistic expression and personal style; and has the power of showing someone's state of mind and passions."- Alicia Andros

Alicia's love for art started at a very young age with acrylic painting and handcrafts, back in her native country of Colombia; and it wasn't until she was 15 years old that her love for art turned into handmade jewelry. It all began with friends and family requests for her colorful handcrafted/artistic jewelry, and soon after her pieces were worn by runway models and featured in local magazines.

Her designs are inspired by nature, abstracts and the influence of multiple cultures.

Making one-of-a-kind jewelry as wearable art, is an experience that Alicia describes as painting with gems on a precious metal canvas.

Alicia takes pride in making every single piece of jewelry by hand herself. A personal affair that combines her 20 plus years of experience in jewelry making and her artistic skills. She attended "Westchester Center for the Arts", where she expanded her knowledge on metalsmith and gemstones.

Nowadays, Alicia applies traditional techniques and new ones she developed herself to produce quality jewelry, and masterpieces to tell a story.